Three Ways To Find Where DNS is Managed

This guide will explain how to find where DNS is managed, every website requires DNS to load and emails also require DNS records for the Internet to know where to deliver emails

This guide will show how to locate the nameservers for a domain, nameservers point to the location of the DNS Zone File where records can be added or deleted. Once the nameservers are known it does require a certain amount of detective work to find out where they point, with the guide below providing pointer on how to find who is the provider of those nameservers

TL;DR Nameservers can be found by checking at the registrar where the domain is manage, by checking on and by doing an NS lookup using the Dig interface


To complete this guide will require having a domain and a login to the domains registrar, the second and third option can be used on any domain as nameservers are public records

Three ways to find out where a websites DNS is managed

1/ At the domains registrar

Login to the website where the domain is registered, locate the domain and there should be an option for ‘Manage Domain’ and in this section there should be a ‘Manage Nameservers’ option

3/ Do a DNS lookup

There is a tool called ‘dig’ that allows looking up DNS records, an online version of this can be found at the Dig Web Interface. Enter the domain in the hostname section, select ‘NS’ from the type dropdown and click the Dig button

2/ Check the whois info

Go to and the enter domain in to the search filed and press enter, toward the bottom of the search results there will be a nameserver option

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This guide will show how to find the nameservers for a domain, this will help locate where DNS is managed. Nameservers are public records and will point to the company that host DNS for a domain. At times it is not always clear who the nameservers belong to but searching for ‘who nameservers are these {enter name server}’ can sometimes help locate the company that owns those nameservers