Install a Plugin using WordPress Toolkit

This guide will explain how to install a WordPress plugin using cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit interface. Plugins can be installed directly from cPanel and WordPress Toolkit can also update all plugins keeping a site secure

TL;DR WordPress plugins can be installed via cPanel > WordPress Toolkit > Plugins Tab > Install


To complete this will require having a cPanel account with a WordPress site installed and the site has been added into WordPress Toolkit, to do this here is a guide for How To Scan & Add a Site into cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit

How to install a plugin using cPanel's WordPress Toolkit

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for WordPress Toolkit

In cPanel search for ‘WordPress Toolkit’ in the top right search bar and click on WordPress Toolkit from the search results

2/ Click Plugins Tab

Inside the WordPress Toolkit interface click on the Plugins Tab and then the Install button

3/ Search for Plugin

Search for the Plugin and then click on the Install button to the right of the plugin description

4/ Plugin Installed

The plugin will now show as installed in the WordPress Toolkit Interface

Video Tutorial

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The plugin will now be installed inside WordPress, WordPress Toolkit can also manage all plugin updates to help keep the site secure