Add Microsoft’s Validation TXT record into DNS Using cPanel’s Zone Editor

This guide will explain how to add Microsoft Validation TXT record into DNS, TXT records can be used to prove domain ownership and are used by Microsoft when setting up domain based email and Office 365 accounts

TXT are public records that are visible on the Internet via DNS look ups, to prove domain ownership companies will often ask for a TXT record to be added into a DNS zone file

TL;DR TXT records can be added in cPanel via cPanel > Zone Editor > Manage > Add TXT Record > Save Record


To complete this will require having a cPanel account and a TXT record provided by Microsoft and this can be found in the Microsoft dashboard for proving control over a domain

How to add a Microsoft Validation TXT record into DNS using cPanels Zone Editor

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for Zone Editor

In cPanel search for ‘Zone Editor’ in the top right search bar and click on Zone Editor from the search results

2/ Click on Manage

The Zone Editor will show all domains inside the cPanel account, locate the Domain requiring the MX record adding and click Manage on the right hand side

3/ Add TXT Records

In the Zone Editor there is dropdown menu next to the Add Record option, click the dropdown arrow and select ‘TXT’ Record from the list of options

4/ Add TXT Record Details

In the Name section add the primary domain with a full stop (Tip: copy & paste this from another entry), the TTL can be set to the same as other TXT record and paste in the TXT record. If it contains spaces put the record in “double quotes”. Click Save Record.

5/ Cpanel Confirmation

cPanel will confirm that the TXT records have been successfully added. It is advisable to wait up to 24 hours to allow for DNS Propagation before validating

Video Tutorial

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The TXT record will now be visible in DNS and can be used to confirm ownership after allowing for propagation which can take up to 72 hours