How To Add an Alias Domain Into cPanel

This guide will explain how to add a domain as an alias / parked into cPanel, this will mean all traffic visiting the alias domain will be directed to the primary domain, for example adding as an alias to, then anyone visiting the .xyz would automatically see the .com

This is advisable when a domain will only ever point to a different domain, as it doesn’t require a redirect to work. Until recently this was called a ‘parked’ domain in cPanel and is called an Alias based on how it is added into the same vhost on the apache webserver

If a domain is to have its own website then we have a guide for How To Add a Domain into cPanel which will allow a full website to be built on the new domain

TL;DR A domain can be added into a cPanel account via cPanel > Domains > Create A New Domain > Enter Domain > Submit


To complete this guide will require having a second domain to add into a cpanel account, where the domain will point to the primary domain of the cPanel account

How to add an Alias domain into cPanel

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for Add-On Domain

In cPanel search for ‘add-on domain’ in the top right search bar and click on Add-On domain from the search results

2/ Create A New Domain

From the Domains page click on Create A New Domain button, located in the top right above the list of domains

3/ Add Domain Details

Enter the new domain name, as this will be sharing the document root document root of the primary domain, tick the ‘Shared document root’ option. To create the domain click Submit

4/ Alias Domain Added

It will now go back to the Domains page and the new domain will be listed, in the document root column it will have the same location as the primary domain

Video Tutorial

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A second domain should now have been added into the cPanel account, when traffic visits this domain it will load the primary domain