Delete a Directory in cPanels File Manager

This guide will explain how to delete a directory using cPanel’s File Manager.

File Manager allows to manage a websites files directly from a browser, when deleting a directory it will ask if it should skip the trash, if directories are being deleted to free up disk space then make sure this option is ticked. Before permanently deleting directories it is advisable to download a copy of the directory before deleting

TL;DR Directories can be deleted in cPanels File Manager via cPanel > File Manager > Right Click > Delete > Confirm


To complete this will require having a cPanel account

How to delete directories in cPanel's File Manager

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for File Manager

In cPanel search for ‘File Manager’ in the top right search bar and click on File Manager from the search results

2/ Right click on Directory

Locate the directory to be deleted, right click on the directory and click on Delete

3/ Confirm Deletion

If the directory is to be permanently be delete tick the box for ‘skip trash’ and then click confirm

Video Tutorial

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The directory will now have been deleted, if the skip trash option has been selected then this will have been permanently been deleted