Create Zip Archive of Public HTML

This guide will explain how to create a zip archive of public_html in cPanels File Manager. In cPanel the public_html directory by default contains all the sites files, combines with a database dump it has everything needed to restore a WordPress Site

TL;DR Hidden Files can be shown in cPanels File Manager via cPanel > File Manager > Right click on public_html > Compress > Compress Files


To complete this will require having a cPanel account

How to create a Zip archive in cPanel's File Manager

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for File Manager

In cPanel search for ‘File Manager’ in the top right search bar and click on File Manager from the search results

2/ Right Click on Compress

Right click on the public_html directory and select Compress from the dropdown

3/ Name Zip File

Click on the file type to be created, enter the zip file name and click Compress Files

4/ Check Compressed Files

File Manager will list all the files that have been compressed in the zip file

3/ Locate Zip File

The zip file will now be created and located in the location specified instep 3

Video Tutorial

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The public_html directory will now have been compressed and is available to download