Create a Full Site Backup using WordPress Toolkit

This guide will explain how to create a full site backup including the site files and database. This will contain everything to set up the website on a different server or a local version of the site

TL;DR A full site backup can be create via cPanel > WordPress Toolkit > Backup Data > Backup


To complete this will require having a cPanel account with a WordPress site installed and the site has been added into WordPress Toolkit, to do this here is a guide for How To Scan & Add a Site into cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit

How to create a full site backup using cPanels WordPress Toolkit

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for WordPress Toolkit

In cPanel search for ‘WordPress Toolkit’ in the top right search bar and click on WordPress Toolkit from the search results

2/ Click Back Up / Restore

Inside the WordPress Toolkit interface in the Dashboard tab, click on Back Up / Restore

3/ Click Back Up

In the back up and restore section click on Back Up

4/ Click Download Icon

Once the backup has been generated click on the Download Icon located to the right of the back up file, this will open up a new tab for File Manager

5/ Right Click Download

Locate the file in cPanel > File Manager > WordPress Backups, right click on the file and click download

6/ Zip File Downloaded

The full site backup will now have been downloaded and will be a zip file containing the site files and an copy of the sites database

Video Tutorial

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A full site will have been taken and downloaded. This will contain the site files and database that can be used to move the site to another server or to create a cloned version of the website on a local machine