Clone a Site using WordPress Toolkit

This guide will explain how to clone a website and manage it inside WordPress Toolkit. The cloned site can be used to test updates or to update the site without affecting the live site. To push the cloned site live can be done by using the following guide How To Push a Cloned Site Live

TL;DR A site can be cloned via cPanel > WordPress Toolkit > Clone Site > Start


To complete this will require having a cPanel account with a WordPress site installed and the site has been added into WordPress Toolkit, to do this here is a guide for How To Scan & Add a Site into cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit

DNS for the domain would also need to be managed inside the same account for this guide to work, if a domains DNS is managed externally then add an A record for the subdomain pointing to the cPanels IP address

How to clone a site using cPanels WordPress Toolkit

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for WordPress Toolkit

In cPanel search for ‘WordPress Toolkit’ in the top right search bar and click on WordPress Toolkit from the search results

2/ Click Clone Tab

Inside the WordPress Toolkit interface click on the Clone Tab

3/ Create Clone Domain

Select the domain / sub-domain the site should be cloned to, it is advisable to do this to a sub-domain with no directory

4/ Clone Complete

In the bottom left corner it will confirm once the site has successfully been cloned

5/ Site Available in WordPress Toolkit

The cloned site will now be visible in the WordPress Toolkit interface

Video Tutorial

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The site will now have been cloned and will be available in the WordPress Toolkit interface, changes can be made to the cloned site and these can be made live using the following guide How To Push a Cloned Site Live