Change Permissions for a Directory using File Manager

This guide will explain how to change directory permissions in cPanels File Manager. On WordPress Sites files should be set to 644 (rw-r-r) and directories should be set to 755 (rwx-rx-rx)

TL;DR Hidden Files can be shown in cPanels File Manager via cPanel > File Manager > Right click on Directory > Change Permissions > Edit Permissions > Change Permissions


To complete this will require having a cPanel account

How to change Directory Permissions in cPanel's File Manager

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for File Manager

In cPanel search for ‘File Manager’ in the top right search bar and click on File Manager from the search results

2/ Click on Change Permissions

Right click on the directory that requires its permissions changing and select Change Permissions from the menu

3/ Set Permissions

Set the permissions on the directory, for most directories this should be 755

Video Tutorial

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The permissions on a directory have now been changed