How To Add A Domain into cPanel

This guide will explain how to add a domain into cPanel, this will allow for a second website to be hosted inside the same cPanel account. When a cPanel account is setup there will be a primary domain on the cPanel account and this guide is for adding a second domain to the same cPanel account

TL;DR A domain can be added into a cPanel account via cPanel > Domains > Create A New Domain > Enter Domain > Submit


To complete this guide will require having a second domain and a cPanel account. If cPanel advises the maximum number of domains have been added then contact the web host manager to have the number of add-on domains increased

How to add a domain into cPanel

Step-by-Step Guide

1/ Search for Add-On Domain

In cPanel search for ‘add-on domain’ in the top right search bar and click on Add-On domain from the search results

2/ Create A New Domain

From the Domains page click on Create A New Domain button, located in the top right above the list of domains

3/ Add Domain Details

Enter the new domain name, to create a new website it will need its own document root, so untick the ‘Shared document root’ option. To create the domain click Submit

4/ Add-On Domain Added

It will now go back to the Domains page and in the top right there will be a green box and the new domain will feature on list of domains

Video Tutorial

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A second domain should now have been added into the cPanel account, this guide gives the domain its own document root, so that a new website can be created using the new domain